Do as he says

The worst part wasn’t that I needed to my face.

My roommate found a wishing coin and wished for “a girl who would do anything (he) said.” suck his cock. The worst part was that I WANTED to suck his cock. Now I just had to sit here on my knees, mouth open, waiting for him to fuck

Well the wish decided to make ME into that girl.

He said I was hot. He said I wanted to get fucked, and I did. He said I would cum twice before he did, and I did. He said I’d like to suck him until he got hard again, and I did. He said I’d like being his girlfriend, and I did.

It started off tender and nice. He treated me like a real girl. We’d go on dates and he’d make me dinner every now and then. A part of me was mortified everytime I touched his cock, but a bigger part of me loved it.

He started to complain our relationship was stagnating. That he was getting tired of me. Then he started to get more creative. He started giving me fetishes and making me do kinky things. He made me get turned on taking pictures of myself masturbating in public and posting them online, which I started to do regularly. He made me love anal, and now I beg for it.

His latest thing is where he makes me act like the sex doll I am. I stay stuck in place while he uses and abuses me. The thing is, I really want him to use and abuse me. I’ve been stuck in this position since he left for work seven hours ago. My pussy is so wet I can feel it dripping down my leg onto the floor. I just hope he’ll give me a proper fucking after he uses my mouth when he gets home.


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