Didn’t thought about it

“So this is your great plan to get some money? Changing me into a woman so i could seduce your rich ex? Then get as much money as i can and run? How is this going to work out?” James asked his girlfriend. “Sure. You will have a fake identity so after you get the money we will change you back. The woman you’re now won’t exist anymore and we will have a nice amount if cash” Marcy was proud of her plan. “And how are we going to change me back?” James looked at her. “In the venus clinic. They specialize in changing men into women and reverse it” Marcy was surprised James is asking her such obvious question. “They can’t Marcy! I went there yesterday. The proces of feminization must be controled by specialists. You got their serum from an unknown source and injected me with a high amount of it. There is no way back now! I’m stuck as a woman!” James yelled. “I… I’m so sorry James. I didn’t know, i…” Marcy started to sob. “I cant belive this” James said looking at his breasts. “What now?” He asked. Marcy wiped off her tears. “Maybe it wont be so bad. I mean we can be best friends. I will show you everything you need to know about being a woman. I can give you some of my clothes or buy you new ones. What do you say? If you want my friend is a lesbian and she’s single. Or maybe you prefer guys” Marcy was getting a little bit too excited. “Calm down Marcy. First i need something to put on to cover my top” James said. “I will find something” Marcy rushed to her wardrobe. “I should have listen to my mother when she told me that girl will get me into trouble” James sighed looking at his new reflection in the mirror.


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