Didn’t Notice

“What, did you think I didn’t notice the breast enlargement pills you were slipping me?” your wife said, smiling at you. Her tits hanging down past her belly-button.
“Oh, I definitely noticed. And you might start noticing something soon too: I slipped you a couple in that last drink. And by a couple, I mean the rest of the bottle. Ooh, that shirt’s looking a little tight; you might want to free those girls before it’-whoops! Too late!”
You looked down, and saw two huge breasts swelling out from your chest. They had already grown from C to G-cups just while you were looking at them!
“That’s right honey, if you really want me to have to carry these huge weights around all the time, then you’ll have to too.” She just smiled at you, hefting her large tits while you felt the increasing weight of your own…


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