Devil in angel’s skin

Greg is a handsome seller, but an illegal seller of magical items. Bill, the smuggler that produces these items, frightened him to denounce his prohibited sellings with real incriminating evidences if he doesn’t accept a better price.

He knew that this blackmailing was serious. He came to a strategy to counter this deal.
So, he seduced Angela, a naive beautiful policewoman, and tricked her in an intimate place. After an exhausting but pleasurable night, Greg silently gets the costume gun. He fired her during her sleep and put her skin.
He needed her appearance to search in the police data informations to know where the smuggler live. He went to Bill’s house and met Bill’s daughter.
He hijacked her and gave appointment to the father in an abandoned factory out of town.

When Bill arrived, Greg, in the woman’s skin, was pointing his costume gun on Bill’s daughter.
“Now, what, Bill ? Do you want to have a new daughter ? Or do you destroy the evidences that you brought as agreed ? Hummm, I will be a nice daughter, don’t you think ?”, smirks Greg.


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