Demon Child

‘Those are your options Ms. Beale. Make your choice.’

Jess was horrified. She had called Bradley into her office for the umpteenth time that school year to talk about his behavior. He was a little demon who wouldn’t listen to a word she said. She was yelling at him about respect and accountability when he closed his eyes and started chanting something under his breath. A second later Jess found herself staring at her own body, at her own desk, stripping off the blouse she had put on that morning. As she looked down at her own body she found she couldn’t make a sound. The little bastard wasn’t a demon, but he did know a couple it turned out. And he was pally enough with them that they let him in on a few secrets.

Bradley grinned as he played with his new boobs. ‘I’ve got an idea, Ms.’ He looked up at her, a wicked smile on his stolen lips. ‘You’ve got a choice. Either we stay this way, and you go home early to your new home while I get started fucking every teacher in this high school. Or you sit right there while I suck your dick. On camera. We’ll swap back right after and no one will ever see the video… if you’re good.’

Jess was horrified. Bradley was horrible enough as he was, but armed with blackmail like that it was impossible to imagine what he would do to her. The alternative however was even worse. To be stuck as a teenage boy while he went and ruined her life and upset her friends and family. She swallowed, hard. And began to take off her pants.


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