Everything had changed in Keith’s life after he became ill with the tg flu. He had to face new problems caused with his gender change, one of them was his perverted friend Peter. Since Keith became Katie, Peter constantly nagged her to show him her new body in full glory. Katie of course always refused. One day when they went for a walk just like they usually did, Peter started the topic again. Katie had enough of this. She told him if he can swim to the other side of the pond and back, she will take off her dress. She didn’t have to repeat herself, Peter quickly took off his shirt and pants, then jumped into the water. Katie was sure of her victory, since Peter wasn’t very athletic but soon she started to have doubts since Peter already reached the other side and now was going towards her. She did not belive her eyes when she watched him, somehow the raging hormones in his body gave him strenght. When he got out of the water he laughed, proud of his victory. “I kept my word, now it’s your turn” Peter said panting. Katie suddenly realized how stupid it was. She knew Peter could not make it and still she risked making that bet. She felt awfull, so at least she could make it up to him by keeping her word. She slipped off the thin straps from her shoulders letting the dress to fall freely. She stood in place feeling Peter’s gaze on her body. He definitely enjoyed the view while Katie regretted she did not put on a bra.


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