Day at the beach

Donald didn’t know what was happening nor did he really mind that much. While growing up he use to experience moment of lost time where someone would wake him from a daze, or he suddenly found himself in the middle of doing something but couldn’t remember what.

Lately something more bizarre was happening to him. One day last year he suddenly found himself in the body of a woman. At first this was very disconcerting to him. How would he live his life? How would his friends react? However nothing else seemed that different. His friends still knew him and acted like he had always been like this. His girlfriend, Melany, was now his bff and neither of them seemed to be in a relationship.

Jenna as she was called became comfortable with the changes and started to appreciate having a sexy female body to herself. It didn’t take take long to start exploring and after she did things turned back to normal.

Donald was now lived a double life. From time to time he would find himself as Jenna for a few hours. He had been looking forward to these changes. Much to the delight of Melany he was learning a lot from the experience. Though it did bother him to see other men flirt with her, or to deal with flirting himself.

Donald had just gotten to the beach today when one of these changes occurred. He had wanted to spend the day with Melany as a couple but figured he could find some alone time as Jenna to get his plans back on track. No such luck.

He has now spent most of the day like this and it is the longest he has gone as a woman. Now Jenna’s body is starting to feel strange. At first she thought she was just horny from being tempted by this body for so long and not being able to find somewhere private. She was no longer sure what it was about Melany that he liked as his girlfriend. Then she started to realize she didn’t mind the attention men were giving her. When some of those men invited Melany and Jenna to a party that night they both agreed to go.


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