Date Night

‘It’s not that hard babe! Watch.’

Karen watched as across the table her body began to fellate a popsicle. This really was the weirdest date ever. As she watched from her boyfriend’s body, she began to feel a stirring in her pants that disturbed her. David pulled the popsicle out of his mouth.

‘Mmm. See!’

‘Yes, I see David, but a popsicle is pretty different to a dick. And I just don’t like doing it. You can stop now, you’re making me uncomfortable.’

David cocked one of his girlfriend’s eyebrows as he looked at her.

‘Uncomfortable, eh? How about we get out of here and I see if I can fix that for you?’

Karen didn’t know what to say. But as she felt a foot slowly sliding up her leg under the table she made her decision. This date was about to get a lot weirder.


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