Brandon was enjoying his time at the resort. It was isolated and exotic, just what he needed to get a break from the modern world. A little empty, but there were a few other people there for company. He’d been there a day and flirted with a few of the women, hoping to get to know at least one pussy and set of tits more intimately during his two week stay.

Feeling like he was pasty and pale (he was) he threw on a speedo and sat outside alone to tan.

That’s when the strange pink cloud rolled through. He had no idea what it was or where it came from, but it rolled up so fast he couldn’t do anything about it. He breathed it in and coughed and it made his skin tingle. He tried to stumble away, but it was too thick, he couldn’t see a foot in front of his face.

And then just as quickly as it appeared, it vanished. Brandon took a deep breath and realized something felt wrong. A quick glance down and he figured out what it was.

Shock would probably have been the appropriate first reaction, but Brandon was a curious guy, and also still pretty horny. Past his petite tits was the triangle of fabric which had been his speedo, still clinging to his now wider hips. He slipped a hand under it and felt that he was really a woman. It felt good.

The cloud had hit only part of the resort, and a few of the staff who hadn’t been effected were running around checking on everyone. That’s how Gao came upon Brandon like this, just standing there with his eyes closed as he fingered his pussy.

Gao couldn’t help but be pleased. Normally the resort was pretty guy heavy, but thanks to that cloud there were a lot more women around now, and a lot of the new ones seemed pretty horny. He was usually pretty good at charming the lady guests. He wondered how he’d do with the new girls…


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