Copy Rings – Taking it to another level

Continuation of my previous Copy Ring stories.
(as requested by 404rbt)






Clyde had to know.
His temporary excursion as Latisha have made him unfocused. The things he experienced was etched into his memory and every now and then his mind drifts off and relive them.

“Clyde!”, Liz yelled at him.
“Huh?”, he absentmindedly reacted.
“The water! You are overfilling the plant!”
“Oh. Sorry”, he meekly answered. His thoughts had been elsewhere.

He fingered on the copy rings. They would be the key to make him experience everything.
It was a late night and Liz had already gone to bed, and was sound asleep judging from her snoring.
With great caution he sneaked into their bedroom, with the master ring already on his finger, and kneeled beside her part of the bed.
Carefully he lifted her hand slightly hand put on the ring on her index finger.
There was no reaction but there shouldn´t be either.

“Wake up”, Clyde said and shook the body of his wife.
“I´m up. I´m up. Stop shaking me”, she complained with a tired voice.
Her body became stiff and she opened up her eyes wide. She rose up from the bed wide awake.
“I`m Liz”, Clyde in Liz body said in distress.
“Yup. I´m Clyde as well in case you are wondering. Sorry for waking you up like this but you know the plan”, Clyde said to Liz-Clyde.
“Yeah”, she answered and nodded in response.

The pair headed over to Latisha´s house and knocked on the door.
The black woman opened the door and her smile was wide when she saw who it was. “Liz! Clyde! Hey guys! What brings you here?”
“No need to keep up appearances anymore. There´s a copy of me inside of Liz”
Latisha-Clyde relaxed. “Thanks. But I still wonder why you are here”.

Clyde explained the plan to Latisha-Clyde.
He wanted to have the full experience as a woman and they needed to be three to pull it off, due to the limitations of the copy rings. Two people cannot switch bodies with eachother without having a third as a placeholder.
Clyde had something like that in mind.

They began to take turns wearing the rings. Clyde gave Liz-Clyde the copy ring so she could turn into him.
The air shimmered around her and now there were two Clyde´s.
Then the master ring was placed on Latisha-Clyde´s finger and the original Clyde put on the copy ring.
The air shimmered around him.
When looking down he was excited seeing the black skinned breasts on his chest again.

Clyde relished his Latisha body. It was as good as he had remembered it. She was an curveous ebony beauty.
Like the last time Clyde rushed upstairs so he could dress himself in lingerie again.
The fabric caressed his female body sensually. It was not just for show wearing lingerie, it was for pleasure as well.
He was ready.

The session had begun with Latisha-Clyde touching his body in ways only she knew of from previous experimentation. She was pushing all of his buttons at the same time, with good help from Clyde-copy.
Their foreplay lasted a long time. The yearning for something to enter him was maddening.
The salvation arrived when the Clyde-copy began to move his dick in and out of Clyde´s tight pussy, very slowly and very purposefully.

Clyde-copy kept at it.
The real Clyde moaned in bliss. His black ass rippled with every pounding he got from the man behind him. His boobs swayed back and forth freely underneath him, which had an strangely erotic feeling to it.
The clitoris was swollen and he felt how the cock rubbed against it, in and out.
Clyde could feel the pressure inside of him rise. It was like a warm,tingling wave inside his center.

His concentration was fully on the pleasures he felt from his vagina and from the wave of pleasure inside his abdomen. Nothing else mattered.
A tingle could run from his toes up to his spine.
It was frustratingly blissful to to have the tingling wave grow and then lose it, then building it up again, with just a little bit more intensity added to it each time. He felt himself becoming more desperate for release. It didn´t take long to build up but the release took forever.

“Just a little bit more”, I whimpered.
The tingling wave inside of me crashed over me and spread throughout my body, it felt like someone was pulling me from all sides.
My body stopped responding and I was floating on pure bliss for several seconds.

The orgasm ebbed out but the afterglow remained. It felt like I was bathed in sunlight.

“Was it what you had hoped for?”, Latisha-Clyde purred when she saw that Clyde had came out of his dreamy state and was able form coherent thoughts and sentences again.
Clyde had a silly grin on his lips. “It was the best thing ever”.

He gave one of the rings to Latisha-Clyde. “Put this one on, because now I want to try it with two men!”


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