“Can I ask you an honest question Gloria?” Joe said as he played with his new boobs poking out above the tight corset he’d put on that had started the whole change.

“Umm, what?” Gloria said, standing awkwardly in the corner trying to straighten the cod piece she’d put on that had similarly swapped her gender.

“How is it that chick’s don’t just spend all day playing with their tits like this?” Joe asked.

“Umm, I don’t know.” Gloria said nervously and shifted her cod piece around again. It was the only thing she was wearing. The plan had been for them to be a pair of strippers for the costume party. It had been Joe’s idea to swap their genders. He’d always been in to all that magic shit way more than her.

“Can you umm, how do you get this thing to go down?” Gloria asked the large bulge of her erection forming a tent at her crotch.

Joe smiled, “Oh, I can help with that.” Joe said and crawled over to Gloria.

“Hey, wait! Don’t- Ohhhhhh.” Gloria groaned as Joe’s mouth slipped over her cock.

Joe was hopeful this would relax Gloria and convince her gender swapping wasn’t so bad. He’d been asking her to try it for months with him and this party was finally the excuse she’d caved on.

The two of them ended up showing up awfully late to the party and looking pretty disheveled. Everyone agreed it was a good look for the two of them. They were all flirty and coy with each other throughout the night, and ended up running home early.

When Joe woke up feeling Gloria’s morning wood pressed against his ass he knew he’d succeeded. He wondered how long he could convince her to stay like this…


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