Classic genie

“You’re first wish master?” The genie asked.

“I wish I was rich.” Tyler said.

“Granted.” The genie said and suddenly Tyler found himself standing in the middle of a very nice house. “You’re second wish?”

“Wow. Ok. Hmm. I wish I could get my hands on a hot chick who was desperate for cock at any time.”

“Granted.” The genie said and the world spun again. When Tyler came to there was long brown hair in his eyes and tits on his chest!

“Hey! This isn’t what I asked for!” Tyler complained.

“It is. Give it a second.” The genie said.

Tyler was incensed. How dare that genie turn him into a chick and take away his dick! Now he had a pussy! A good looking pussy. A pussy that needed a cock in it. MMmhh that would feel nice. Maybe one in her mouth too. And ass.

“Hey!” Tyler shouted, snapping out of the fantasy he’d stumbled in to. “Turn me back!”

“You have one more wish master.” The genie said.

Tyler paused and took a breath. He had to make sure he got this right. He was having a hard time not thinking about cock right now.

Don’t wish for cock, don’t wish for cock, don’t wish for cock, don’t wish for cock. He repeated over and over again to himself as he tried to think of what he should wish for. God, he’d never been so horny in his life, and he wanted dick! Lots of dick!

“You’re wish master?” The genie asked.

“God, I wish these urges would go away for a minute!” Tyler shouted angrily then his face blanched. “I mean-”

“Granted. Farewell master.” The genie said and vanished.

Tyler blinked and there was a man standing next to him. Tall and handsome and naked. His cock huge and erect. Beside him another man, and another.

“Is mistress ok?” They asked. Tyler’s mind was spinning. He knew just how they were going to get rid of those urges. The genie was gone and he was stuck this way…

“Fuck me…” Tyler said and the three men nodded, interpreting it very differently than intended.


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