Class Dismissed

Harold wished for a hot chick from his class or even the hot teacher. A passing by fairy overheard from the bushes outside class.

When he got home he felt weird. Suddenly he was changed into a young hot chick, even wearing clothes like they wore in class, like a short flared skirt, and pink tank top. Then he noticed his body age, and suddenly he was more his teacher’s age, about 35. As he touched his new smooth right leg, he realized he should have been careful wishing, now he was what he wished for!

Then his mom walked in, “Jenna dear, isn’t your boyfriend coming over. Did you want me to grade those papers for you, while you go on your date?”

Harold had a puzzled look on his makeup covered new face, but then realized reality must have changed too. Now he was an older daughter and not a younger son! Also he must be a teacher, she offered to grade papers! What’s this about a boyfriend too?!

A knock on the door, and his mom answered. It was her boyfriend in this new reality!

“Here for your date with my daughter,” asked the new Jenna’s mom.

“Yes, but I have to show her something first,” smiled the man.

The man took Jenna upstairs, and pulled out his ten incher!

“Jenna, see these pills work, I’m bigger now, so let’s have some fun before our date,” said the man smiling.

Jenna stared at that monster, got turned on by it, and then feinted, freaking out at suddenly being a turned on teacher!


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