Cheating the Cheaters

Paul and Larry cheated almost every week, telling their wives they were away on business trips. Paul’s wife happened to hear “through the grapevine” from a friend at her job that he had seen her recently, but she turned him down. This clued Paul’s wife, Lana, to what was going on. Lana also heard Larry was with him, both out looking for some love.

Lana found an old book in their attic, one which was rumored to be a spell book, owned by her late grandma. Lana looked for a fitting revenge spell, and found one. She chanted almost instantly, and suddenly as Paul and Larry were about to take their next conquest, a big change happened.

Paul grew long hair, nails, boobs, and a pussy, and so did Larry, right in front of the eyes of there new one night stands. Their dates ran from the room in shock and fear. Paul and Larry were in shock and fear as well, and as Larry went to grab for his shrinking penis, a dildo appeared there, up against his new pussy! Paul was freaking out, grabbing his new pussy, as Larry was somehow forced to push it into Paul. As Paul tugged at his new pussy lips trying to push away the dildo, it went in further and further, finally in and out. Seeing a nearby mirror, they both screamed in their new higher voices, seeing two sexy Latinas having hot sex, and they WERE these Latinas!

Meanwhile, Lana, seen images of her spell at work above the book. She smiled, and realized revenge was served. Lana, and Larry’s wife, Tina would both declare their husbands missing, and get all their goods. Meanwhile, Paul, now Paula, and Larry, now Lara, will be stuck as Latinas for good.


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