Changes 5

When Billy had walked into the bedroom and seen his mother sitting on the bed with the low cut blouse his penis had started to get hard. His ten year old mind was maturing quickly and his body was sending signals to his brain…. those big tits his mother was flaunting him with were calling to him. His mother was signaling that she wanted some cock. She had said that boys have penises but men have cocks. Billy had a cock and was ready to use it.

Mona had resigned herself as to what was going to happen. Her son Billy; now shifted into her husband’s body was going to fuck her…. maybe even pound her. It was all so wrong but like Billy she had needs.

Billy’s hard cock rammed in and out of her wet pussy…. and as she played with her clit she tried to stifle the moans.

But was this the right thing to do…. this Great Shift had made life so confusing. Letting Billy have his way with her… even if she seemed to be asking for it… seemed wrong… so wrong.


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