Change in more ways than one.

Samuel knew what he was doing was wrong he should have tried to make the other woman stop as he found himself in the body of a young woman in the throes of making love.

Instantly he knew he was a woman as he felt the slender fingers of the other woman slide inside the pyjamas he was now wearing and slowly enter him with little resistance as he wrapped his hand around her head and brought it in for a kiss lost in the sensation of being fingered.

As he felt the warm night air on his bare chest.

It wasn’t until both women had reached climax & they lay their covered in each other’s juices that they both confessed to being too young men which surprise both of them but did not stop them coming back for seconds.

It was not until the next morning that they explored the small apartment they found themselves in and were surprised when they switched on the TV & a Japanese news report came up informing the people of Tokyo of the event called the great shift which they could not understand but luckily for them there was English subtitles.

So now Samuel and Philip found themselves stuck in the wrong bodies in the wrong country and in the wrong culture as they both sat there wondering what to do next.


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