Challenging the Reigning Champion

The fighters of the coliseum lived harsh and difficult lives. Forced labors, bare-minimum standard of living, and the occasional battle to death. Yet, they endure and survive through a faint notion of hope. From day one, they were told that should they be victorious ten times, they’ll have a chance of fighting the champion of the coliseum. And should they defeat the champion, they can either choose to replace the champion or be free as a bird.

“Maybe I’ll do it,” thought Julius. “Maybe I’ll replace the champion and let all other challengers that follow to win, making this hell hole slightly freer. Just a bit.” Julius stood from the corpse of the long-legged Pete, whom he had just beaten to death. As was the rule of the coliseum, no weapon was allowed during the duel. Julius looked around, and these fat aristocrats were chanting his moniker: The bloody-fist Julius. The image which still held true today. Instead of dragged back into his cell, Julius was led to a large room filled with luxurious furniture. In the middle of the room sat an old man, whom Julius recognized as the head master of the coliseum.

“If you haven’t realized, that was your tenth victory in this coliseum. I expect you know what that means, Julius the bloody fist.” said the head master, with a slightly misinformed moniker. Julius nodded in response.

“So? Will you do it? Will you dare to challenge the champion?” asked the head master. Julius, still as solemn as ever, nodded. “Note that no man has ever defeated the current reigning champion for years. You may want to reconsider.” said the head master.

“I do not fear death. Better dead than being here. I’ll take my chances.” Julius responded. He was determined to do this. The head master frowned and shook his head.

“Another fine man… made his victim…” the head master murmured. “The current reigning champion of the coliseum is David the womanizer. I’ll schedule the fight in about three days time. Meanwhile, rest and prepare for your… fate.” Julius bowed, and then was led back to his usual cell.

For three days, he rested and wondered: who may be this champion no gladiator of the coliseum ever seen before? The womanizer? Julius pictured a pretty faced pugilist and imagined his moves. For three days, Julius waited and the day has dawned. His fellow gladiators cheered at Julius as he left the cell, hoping the champion would be defeated for some change in the hell named the coliseum.

When Julius went to the coliseum, he saw a man standing amid the fighting stage. Only the champion would be standing in the fighting stage at this moment unless the man desired death, Julius reasoned. Julius observed the man, but he was neither pretty faced nor appeared to be strong. Julius was slightly disappointed, but it will be an easy fight, he thought to himself. The head master signaled the start of the duel.

Ron the womanizer gazed into Julius’s eyes. As soon as his gaze fell upon Julius, Julius fell to his knees. Julius was shocked that the champion was capable of some sort of foul magic. Julius regretting having let down his guard. But it was too late for him. Julius couldn’t take his eyes off Ron’s eyes, and longer he stared at the champion, weaker his body felt. It was like his strength was being drained out from every pore of his body.

When Julius shook off this strange feeling and stood up, he realized his body was changed; or, womanized. Literally. Julius’s muscular body was now nothing more than a soft bag of feminine flesh. In shock, Julius groped her new body and found out how the champion was undefeated so far. The champion simply turns his opponents into girls he can easily violate. The champion approached feminized Julius, and she was helpless but let this man she looked down upon do whatever he wished. And his wish was to fuck her. In front of the pervert aristocrat crowd, feminized Julius was toyed and penetrated by the champion. The crowd was seemingly enjoying this spectacle more than the usual battle to death. Julius was humiliated and dishonored and violated. But then there came a hope: maybe I’ll now live as a girl? Maybe I’ll be sold to one of those pervert as a slave? Julius thought. Not knowing that he will be violated until, as was the rule of the coliseum, death…


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