Call Me Danielle

Daniel and Josh were drunker than they had ever been. The two best friends started searching through dozens of photos internet to compare their hottest sexual fantasy. Josh was particularly drawn to one bombshell of a brunette – huge breasts, long curly hair, dark mysterious eyes, and a pouty seductive smile that made him horny just looking at her photos for a second.

“Man, I would give anything to have just one night with her,” Josh mumbled in drunken stupor.

“Josh,” Daniel hiccupped with the tone of drunken male comradery, “I promise that if we even find women like that, I’ll do everything I can to make sure you get that night – no, I promise she will want to fuck you again and again. She won’t get enough of you!”

They laughed at the ridiculousness of the promise as a flash of light exploded out of the computer screen. Suddenly, Daniel was tossed back on the bed as his t-shirt tightened above his rapidly expanding chest, the cleavage of two massive breasts appearing beneath the collar. His body shrunk in stature as his hips widened and filled out into a perfect bubble butt as the hair receded from his legs…his long sexy the clear bulge of his masculinity disappeared beneath his shorts. In one last burst of light from the computer, his face transformed into female features, his eyes growing larger and acquiring a dark, mascaraed look, his plump lips embodying sensuality, brown hairs cascaded down his shoulders.

In his drunken arousal, Josh immediately started making out with the sexual goddess before him, tearing off her baggy male clothes in insatiable lust. For his part, Daniel was also so drunk that he eagerly embraced his presumed role, pulling down his friend’s pants and licking his throbbing erection before slipping it between his lips.

The alcohol kept them from second guessing their decisions, and within a few minutes, Daniel had pushed Josh onto the bed and slipped his wetness onto Josh’s cock and was riding him in erotic abandon – his globes bounced sensually as Josh frantically attempted to grope as much as he could, almost crying with pleasure to the feeling of the shapely ass continue to slap against his thighs. Daniel arched his back, and trust his chest forward, moaning as Josh’s cock inside him built climax after climax.

The next morning Josh awakened with a banging migraine of a hangover, the memories of last night hidden beneath mental fog, he was convinced it was a dream. But as soon as he turned over he saw Daniel sitting next to him, still the that voluptuous female body he remembered in the haze, staring at him with the waiting eyes of sexual desire, large nipples hardened atop the unbelievably huge breasts – Josh’s cock was already hard. He didn’t know what to say.

“Daniel? I…. what happened last night?….” he managed.

“I don’t know but… call me Danielle,” she said spreading her legs wide to mimic that position they had first made love, “Just please fuck me some more. All I want is you.”


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