Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants (Part 1)

Andrea and her friends were sick of their younger brothers being general pains in the neck, so they devised a plan to get back at the boys. They found a spell book and curse that would be perfect for their payback, they were going to enchant some Yoga Pants and when their brothers touched them they’d be compelled to put them on and the magic would turn they boys into girls.

The first boy to get affected was Andrea’s own brother Mikey. He had planned to prank his sister by cutting holes in her Yoga Pants but the second he touched them something in him flipped. He dropped the scissors and soon after her draws before stepping into the yoga pants, the magic quickly took affect, his legs grew long and slender as her butt puffed up, soon his penis ached before sinking into him, leaving soft folds behind. to complete the change his hair got long and his shirt morphed into a sports bra to cover his small bust.

When Andrea got back later she found Mikey, now Missy, admiring her ass in the mirror, she had to admit her brother made for a cute girl…she just hoped her friends made out as well as she did.


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