Swapping for the weekend?

When my girlfriend amy and I went to the new bodyswitcheroe in the mall to swap bodies for the weekend, She really wanted to see and feel what it would be to be a male. I didn’t really want to do it, not really wanting to become a woman but i aggreed to swap for the weekend only. I did not have a problem with it to be a woman for 2 days. But now after we have swapped bodies the shop bancrupted and all swapped custumers can’t be returned to their original bodies because the banks have taken custody of the swapping device. I looked to amy and pulled my shirt up to give her a view of my bra and said “I can’t belief i am stuck with those to for the rest of my life.” But amy wasn’t really listining she became so horny and she asked to have sex. After that I didn’t really care anymore. Sex as a woman is better but i do miss my dick.


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