Body Enhancing Underwear

Slowly he put on the panties he had found in his second bedroom. They were left in his appartment by his ex girlfriend, together with a bra and some stockings. She had broken up with him two weeks ago and had taken all her stuff except this giftset with the panties, the bra and the stockings and some body lotion and shampoo.

He was out of fresh underwear and decided to put the panties on. It was friday which was his day off, making for a long weekend. As soon as he put them on he blacked out. When he regained conciousness again, it was around noon. He looked at himself and he noticed that his crotch looked flatter. He also felt a tingling in his dick. As he took off the panties he couldn’t believe what he saw. His balls were gone, the skin underneath had taken the shape of pussylips but there was no opening. His dick was much smaller, maybe 3 inches long. His butt looked huge and all his pubic hair had disappeared, only a shadow of where a triangle would grow was visible. He was scared but at the same time he became aroused. His tiny dick started to get erect, looking oddly out of place in his slightly female groin.

He took the giftset and looked in it. There was a booklet in it explaining that the underwear was impregnated with a secret Chinese recipe that enhanced the female form of the wearer and increased her libido. There was a website mentioned, he browsed to it and checked the FAQ.

At the bottom there was a small section about men wearing the underwear. It said the effects of the secret recipe were irriversible. Once the balls of a man were gone the body wouldn’t produce any male hormones and the person would slowly turn into an asexual being without a need for sex.

He blacked out again and when he came to it was night. He walked around the house naked and made himself something to eat. As he was eating he stared at his crotch, his small dick getting erect again. It took him an effort to think of himself as a man at this point. He started rubbing his tiny dick but couldn’t reach orgasm. He then decided that he didn’t want to live like that. He wanted to be able to have sex and get aroused. He decided then and there that he was going to use the giftset.

After dinner he went to the shower and washed his hair. It became longer immediately. He dried himself off, applied the body lotion and put on the stockings, the bra and the panty. After that he put on the tv and started watching. After a while, due to all the weird things happening in his changing body, he started to feel really tired and he fell asleep.

At about 4 am he woke up and needed to take a leak. As he walked into the bathroom he couldn’t believe his eyes. Looking back was a female version of himself. He had small cup A breasts, his whole body looked female and as he put down the panty he saw he had a small 1 inch dick and his peehole had migrated to between his forming pussylips. He saw he had a small opening there but he could not yet put more than one digit of his pinky in. He sat down on the toilet and peed like a woman. Afterwards he wiped himself just like he had seen his girlfriend do when they were still together.

He decided to up his effort and applied another load of body lotion to his whole body. After that he went to bed and fell asleep.

He woke up at noon, very hungry and horny. He had nothing left to eat at home and didn’t want to go to the shop so he called to have pizza delivered. Luckily there was one restaurant that would deliver pizzas at noon. He then walked up to his bathroom and looked at himself. He now had C-cup breasts with the nipples pointing out, probably the equivalent of his former morning wood. He got turned on by looking at himself. He undid his bra and saw his tits jiggling. He noticed a wetness between his legs and took off his panty. He looked at himself and marveled at the sight of his pussy and tits, of how feminine he looked. He brushed his hair and realized he was thinking about men and dicks and what he wanted to do with them. Those were the effects of the female hormones produced by his ovaries, that now coursed through his/her body and changed how his mind worked.

As she fantasized about dicks she slowly started fingering her new, wet pussy, the smell of an aroused woman filling the room.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. She was naked except for her stockings. She didn’t care and after she got her purse she opened the door and faced the delivery guy, a good looking man of about 20 years old. The delivery guy looked at her tits and pussy and slowly licked his lips. This turned her on even more and she started to girate her hips, making her tits jiggle and showed her ass. She paid for the pizza and winked at the delivery guy saying that if he wanted a tip he should come in.

The delivery guy was inside in a second and closed the door. She took him to the couch and took of his shirt, pants and underwear.

She pushed him down on the couch and sat on his legs, grabbing his dick. She had a dick like that herself only 24 hours ago and she wanted to once more feel what it felt like to jerk off. Only with all the female hormones and her increased libido her body responded with more wetness and stiff nipples. She couldn’t make up her mind wether she wanted to give him a blowjob or lower herself on his dick, so she slowly massaged his stiff dick. She got so horny thinking about what she was going to do, not being able to choose that she involuntarily opened her legs even more and slowly moved her ready, wet pussy towards his dick unaware that she was about to rub her spread open pussy over his hard member………


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