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Male essence for rent 2

You have joined a program where you are able to rent out your male essence to women who need it to become a man and you make money with that.
It’s been one month since you started this and you just love the feeling of turning into a woman. Those sparse moments you are male, at the end of a rental period, you almost constantly are jerking off at the memories you have of being a complete woman – the woman you would have been were you born one.
Since you were young you fantasized what it would be like not to have a dick hanging between your legs. You started by tucking it away and parading around, feeling womanly. The thought of having a pussy thrilled you. Of walking around nude. Of feeling the arousal and not having your dick show it. Of feeling the wetness between your legs. Read more

male essence for rent

Your life is close to perfection. You are finally feeling happy.
Since you were young you wondered what it would feel like to be a woman. You would be laying in bed tucking your dick away at night in bed, fantasizing you are no longer carrying a penis but you’d have a pussy between your legs. As you grew older it would be the main fantasy you were jerking off on, feeling your dick harden and cumming very hard as you fantasized about not having a dick. Read more

Body Enhancing Underwear

Slowly he put on the panties he had found in his second bedroom. They were left in his appartment by his ex girlfriend, together with a bra and some stockings. She had broken up with him two weeks ago and had taken all her stuff except this giftset with the panties, the bra and the stockings and some body lotion and shampoo. Read more