Bimbo water with a happy ending

“Yes, yes….Oh God YES!!!” David screamed as he ravaged his feminine body again and again. This was not what he expected when he decided to take a bath after a long day at work.

After stepping into the warm water, David felt an uncontrolled passion quickly build in his loins and began jerking off in the tub. He sank into the water and failed to notice he was already several inches shorter. As David stroked his shrinking cock in a lust frenzy his hair grew out turning blonde while his skin became smooth and soft. Pausing for only a few seconds after noticing his moaning was much higher and starting to sound like a slut in one of his porno movies, did he realize what was happening but was past the point of caring. The strokes became shorter and shorter as his nipples doubled then tripled in size. His chest grew a perfect set of tits while his hands were no longer stroking his small cock but pushing his fingers inside his silky smooth cunt. Climax after climax rocked through Davids body as his mind and body became a sex fueled sex machine.

David giggled and wondered when her roommate Sean would be home and if he too would like a nice long soak in the tub with her.

David was a bimbo now just like many other people in the world as a result of the bimbo water. No one complained about the massive influx of bimbos in the world (especially the newly transformed sluts) and slowly the world became a more peaceful and pleasurable place. Every had lots of really great sex and lived happily ever after.

The End


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