Bimbo-Filled Dreams

Dan thought he had been safe from the bimbo virus infecting his small town. He avoided contact whenever possible, especially with females. In fact, he locked himself in his tiny apartment, refusing anyone entry. Even as he felt the pains of loneliness and despair, he left his door locked, hoping everything would be fine soon. After his customary once a week food trip, he finally slept after days of insomnia. His dreams had been strange recently, getting more and more sexual over time. His most recent dream was incredibly intense, as a sexy brunette bimbo invaded his house, tore off his clothes, and sucked his cock until it was a perfect pussy. His legs lost their hair and became far more slender, as his waist and shoulders cave in to become perfectly womanly. Two enormous breasts erupted from his chest, as his face had become feminine and beautiful. His red hair grew out long and curly…in the dream, he was a true bimbo now.

As Dan began to wake up, he felt oddly wet between his legs, almost like…and then he screamed. The dream seemingly came to life, and there was now a sex-hungry bimbo licking his crotch. As he felt the bimbo’s tongue enter his pussy, he nearly exploded in pleasure. He tried to resist the coming changes to his mind, as every thought and memory focused on only one thing: sex. It was to no avail. As the bimbo licked Dani’s pussy, all she could think was…more. She needed more! Dani the bimbo giggled…tonight was going to be so much fun! Maybe her old friend Marty would fuck both of them real hard with his long, hard cock…and if she was, like, lucky, she’d get to suck his newly made pussy too!


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