Bigger Shirts

“Come on, I know you want to,” my girlfriend said lustfully, her blue plaid top straining to hold her already large breasts.
“Honey, how much bigger can you get?” I complained.
“Oh, I plan to get much bigger, which means you’re going to get much smaller! Now either you can make yourself cum, or I can make it happen for you.” I knew what the alternative was, so I started jerking off. It wasn’t difficult: just thinking about her growing tits anymore made me hard. I just had to think about her bursting out of that top, and then it happened.
I came, and with it I felt myself getting smaller. Previously I had been at eye-level with her belly, but now I was almost to her knees! I looked up, and saw her grinning at me.
“Thanks babe-ooh, I can feel them swelling up now!” Suddenly a button snapped, then another, followed by another. With one final push, her boobs broke free, and jiggled slightly on her chest.
She smiled at me and said, “Ooh yeah: looks like I need to find some bigger shirts! And when I do, we can try this again.” She winked at me before walking off to find some bigger shirts to destroy…


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