“Big” Sis Part 2

Sarah sat at her kitchen table, eating her breakfast, her huge belly pressed up against the side of the table. She leaned back and rubbed it, feeling the warmth coming out from under her checkered blouse.
“Good thing I decided a daughter wouldn’t be so bad after all, huh sis?” she said to it as she heaved herself up out of the chair. “And to think, it was all because you were jealous of these…” Her voice trailed off as she pulled down the straps of her blouse, and undid the clasp of her large bra. Removing it her breasts sagged heavily on top of her pregnant belly. The belly which currently contained her formally older sister, Tasha.
“Wow, look how big they’ve gotten! And it’s all thanks to you,” she said as she continued rubbing her belly. “Who knows, maybe someday you’ll get your wish, and inherit some of this for yourself,” her hands moved up to her boobs as she spoke, and slowly she began fondling them, milk beginning to drip out of her large dark nipples.
“Or maybe you’ll be even flatter than you were before! What do I care?” She left her bra on the kitchen floor as she waddled off to her bedroom for some alone time. The pregnancy had made her extremely horny…


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