“Big” Sis

Sarah knew her older sister, Tasha, had always been jealous of her breasts; they were three years apart, but Sarah was wearing bras at least two sizes larger. So when she found the spell book in her sister’s room, she knew what it had been used for.
“Oh no,” Sarah said. “No way am I going to let her get away with this.” And so Sarah read a spell of her own.
“Hey Tasha,” she said, coming downstairs. The spell had already started to work: instead of being three years apart, they were now about the same age. “What were you doing with this?” Sarah waved the book in the air, and Tasha got to her feet.
“Hey, give that back!” she shouted. Sarah just held it high above her head as her sister jumped to get it. She was getting younger by the moment. Soon Tasha was just a baby, crying for the spell book, and then she was gone!
“Where did-” Sarah started to say, before she felt the sudden weight on her midsection. “I didn’t think it would turn you into MY baby! I thought Mom would just be pregnant with you again.” Sarah groaned, her milk-filled breasts about to burst out of her bra, but they were robbed of the opportunity when she pulled them out herself, exposing her large dark nipples to the cold air.
“Well, at least I got these out of it…” she said looking down, her belly just visible past her bust.
“I thought the spell was supposed to regress you even further though.,” she said to her large belly. “I don’t want to be carrying you around until you’re ready to-” She was cut off, as suddenly her belly was flat again.
“Oh my gosh,” Sarah said. “You’re-you’re just a sperm in my boyfriend’s balls now, sis. He-he, maybe I should invite him over tonight: hopefully he won’t decide you’d be better off on these boobs you were so jealous of!” Sarah laughed. She could get used to being an only child, though maybe a daughter of her own wouldn’t be too bad…


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