Andi’s Exciting Morning

“Oh yeah sis, I know they’re huge, but I want to keep them!” I said over the phone to Molly. “I know you can find a spell to make them more manageable, but I kinda don’t want them to be.” I giggled at the thought of trying to control my new girls. “Yeah, don’t worry about me, just look for a spell to get your own girls back! Ha-ha! Yeah, yeah, I love you too. Bye!” I hung up the phone, and went back to my bra struggles. “I thought for sure this little pink number would be able to contain you two, but I guess not!” I said to my tits. “Oh well!” I dropped the bra, and let my tits fall heavily against my stomach. I sat down, and hefted one of my giant breasts. I wouldn’t trade these for anything.
Sure, I had to sleep on my side now, as it hurt to lay on top of them, and laying on my back was just uncomfortable, but that was such a minor thing to having boobs like these! Especially since I stole them from Cindy. If only I could steal them from Hanna too…
I reached for the phone again, and dialed Molly’s number.
“Hey, on second thought, could you maybe read off a spell for me?” She hesitated for a second before agreeing.
“Great! Could you make it that same one from earlier this week? Hanna’s been eyeing me jealously, and I think it’s time I show her how Cindy feels.” Reluctantly, Molly agreed. I heard her speak the words, excitement in my blood.
“You’re the best sis!” I hung up, and went to go find Hanna.
It didn’t take me long. She was in her room, as I had expected. Mom and Cindy were out for the day, so it was just her and I, and I knew Cindy hadn’t said a word about what had happened, so this would work out perfectly…
“Hey Hanna?” I said shyly.
“Yeah?” she said, looking over at my naked body with wide eyes.
“You wanna take a shower together?” I asked. “You know, like when we were younger?”
I could tell she just wanted to see more of my new assets, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when she agreed. “Great!” I said. “I’ll meet you in the bathroom!”
I looked down at my wobbling tits as I walked down the hall to the bathroom. I could hear the sounds of Hanna stripping from her bedroom. This was going to be perfect.
By the time she joined me, I had already gotten the water running, and climbed in just before her, letting the warm water wash over me. She came in just after me, her F-cup tits swaying as she did so.
She looked at me, trying hard to keep eye contact, but in the end she failed. “Damn sis, I know our family has some weird stuff going on, but I can’t believe how big you’ve gotten! Guess you must’ve been a late bloomer, huh?” I could see the jealousy in her eyes as she tried to play off friendliness.
“Yeah, I guess I must!” I said laughing. I took a quick glance at her breasts, and saw them shrink ever so slightly. Meanwhile I felt warmth in my own chest.
We had been in the shower for about ten minutes, rubbing soapy water over ourselves. She had already lost two cup sizes to me, and hadn’t even noticed yet. No matter how many times she ran her hands over them, she didn’t notice a thing.
Another ten minutes, and she lost another two cup sizes. Finally, she noticed:
“What? What’s happening!?” she shouted, her hands clasped around her now B-cup tits, as though she could somehow hold them on. She looked over to me, and her jaw dropped at the sight of my N-cup tits, hanging almost past my belly-button.
“Just two more, sis, and you’re breasts will be mine!” I couldn’t help but laugh. “All those times you teased me for having the smallest tits in the family, well now look who that is!” Her hands were holding only As now.
“But, how?” she asked, noticing her chest had shrunk even further.
“Oh come on, like I’d reveal my trick to you.” As though knowing it was almost to the end, the process had sped up now. My previously well-endowed sister now had tits that couldn’t even fill an A-cup bra! When finally even those had left her, she moved her hands, and looked at the damage.
“N-nothing…” she muttered. “They’re totally gone…”
“No, they’re not. They’re right here in front of you.” I said, and she looked up. Her eyes widened at the sight of my new, monstrous P-cup tits.
“Where will you even find a bra for those?!” she shouted.
“I’m not sure, but I don’t think I really care, ha-ha. Maybe I’ll just go without one.” I shrugged. “Well, I think I’m done here,” I added, turning off the water.
I stepped out of the tub, my enormous tits threatening to send me toppling over. Hanna just stared as I dried myself off, not even leaving the shower.
“Well, see ya later sis,” I said having finished drying. I left the bathroom, my tits having moved past jiggling now swung from side to side as I walked out, leaving my newly flat-chested sister behind.


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