Betterment of their life

“You don´t think we´re overdoing it? I mean, cramming him into the bodysuit could be punishment enough. Adding the indoctrination recording seems a bit too much”.

“After all that he did to us you think we should go soft on him? No, he´s a royal asshole preying on those that are physically weaker than him. Even after countless detentions and failed classes he still finds the motivation to torment us. He has had it coming a long time now”. Jonas could see the cold rage of revenge burning in Eric´s eyes.

“Alright, alright. You´ve got a point there. Which recording did you chose?”, Jonas asked.

Eric´s eyes gleamed. “Nerdy cosplay girl”. His cheshire cat smile went from ear to ear. “Jason here, soon to be Jessie, will be the perfect new little addition to our small group”.


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