Best of the best

When it came to pool, billiards, or any skill game played on the table, Morton “Best of the Best” Laviage was a world legend.

That’s until he was forced at long last to break up with his crazy girlfriend Angela, who used black magic to steal his body in a fit of rage. “Enjoy your new body, Angie,” she’d cackled with his voice. “You’ll never be the best again, ‘cuz your hair & tits will get in the way of your shots. Go ahead and feel your nice ‘rack’; it looks like I’ll be enjoying all the ‘shooting’ from now on in my new body.” And she skipped off with his body and wealth, never to be heard from again.

Morton (now Angela), had to start all over from the bottom, but she was determined and trained hard in her new body. Tits or no tits, she regained the world championship. Only this time, she was truly the “Best of the Best”: the best with a long cue both on and off the table.


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