Best of friends

One day a guy named Tom and his best friends were messing around in Tom’s attic when they stumbled upon a magic book of sorts.
“So what do you guys think this thing does?” Tom said out of interest “Well why don’t we take a look” suggested Mike as he slowly opened the book. Mike opened the book on a page that read “Role Reversal” “What the hell does that mean” said Tom. ” well why don’t we find out” Mike said as he began to read out loud what it said under the title…
A few minutes later Tom started to feel a bit woozy and his head began to spiral as he passed out.
Tom later woke up to a strange hard sensation, he opened his eyes to find his friends fucking the daylight out of him “Tom!” Mike shouted “you’re awake” Mike said shockingly.
Tom could do nothing to pull off his sex crazed friends as they rammed they’re hard cocks into every one of his holes all Tom could do was sit there taking it thinking how his life would change for the best…


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