Being on the recieving end of the transformation o

The two friends James and Harry liked to play a game that was very rewarding for the winner. The loser usually had a good time as well but all in all it was the one who won that called the shots.
Two identical orbs were thrown into a black satin bag and then placed on the table. At a given signal they both reached down into the bag and chose one of the orbs. At times it could be heated when both of them had a gut feeling and went for the same orb.

After the selection phase both men held up their orb and concentrated on a mental picture.
The orbs were linked, one as the master and the other as the slave, or more like sender and reciever. The sender were the one in control, the reciever would execute any order given from the person holding the master orb.
Both of them thought that was the best part, the tense moment just before the changes started.

Harry realized that he had grabbed the slave orb. It was the third time in a row now.
A multitude of changes happened all at once. Height decreased, hair lengthened, legs and arms slimmed up, butt, hips and breasts bursted out.
He still held the orb, he wouldn´t be able to let go of it unless James told him to.
Turning around he saw himself in the mirror, a extremely cute brunette with brown eyes, a departure from the sexy asian with blue eyes from the last time. He liked what he saw, James usually had a good imagination when it came to women.

“Harry?”, James said, wanting to catch his attention.
“Uh? Yeah. I`m listening”.
“I want to try something new. What do you think about altering the brain?”, James asked cautiosly.
“Sounds scary, don´t think I`m ready for it”.

James closed his eyes and concentrated for a bit.
“Really? Are you sure?”
Harry was about to give the same answer again when he thought about it. It can´t be that bad, can it? “Not really. Maybe we can try something small first?”
James closed his eyes and concentrated again.
Opening them up again he looked over at Harry and asked him: “What is your name?”
“Samantha. No! It´s Samantha! I´m not called Harry anymore. You did this?”
“Yup!”, James beamed. He seemed filled with even more self-confidence all of sudden.
He closed his eyes yet again but for a longer moment whilst he clenched his orb.

“Who are you and what´s your relationship to me?”. James asked with anticipation written all over his face.
“Samantha Wilson, I`m your girlfriend. After two years together you should know that”, she answered mildly annoyed.
“Ever heard of Harry Smith?”
“He´s the guy that disappeared all of sudden. Why do you ask?”
“Just curious”. James snickered to himself.

He already knew how she looked like under her clothes. After all, he was the one creating her, but he couldn´t be anything but mesmerized by how she moved and how her curves was speaking to him. He was getting aroused. James concentrated again.
“Did it got warmer in here? I got so hot all of sudden”. Samantha felt how her body was getting turned on. Seeing James staring at her, admiring her, sent the butterflies in her belly into a wild chase. Uncunciously she began to breathe slighly deeper and she felt a tingle travel through her body.

She walked towards James, her hips swaying a little wider than usual, she wanted to put on a show for him to get him into the mood. She put her arm´s around his neck, her breasts pressed up against his chest, pulling his face closer to hers, giving him a long and sensual kiss.
“I want you, lover boy”.


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