Barefoot spy

“As you can see, sir, I have nothing to hide,” said Kasumi, turning around in her skimpy bikini. “Please don’t have your guards grope me again, my boss said my body is reserved for you only.”

“Mmhhm I see, I see; then tiptoe over here my little Japanese minx, and do call me Master,” said the oily drug lord lounging on the bed. “I want to see you work me with those little hands and feet of yours before I…ahh, get around to the goodies between your arms and legs.” He leered as he snorted more cocaine to work up his erection.

(Oh, you’ll see me work alright) thought Kasumi, but she said simply: “Hai, yes Master.” Coming close, she unmanned him with a scissor kick to the groin and a somersault knife hand to the neck. Balls and jugular alike fell to her “little hands and feet,” and the drug lord was dead. Cracking his safe, she secured the list of corrupt officials and then climbed six floors down to safety, still in her bikini.

“Package secured, commander. Requesting extraction.” [ETA 2 minutes: came the reply.] “Kasumi” had been a deadly assassin named Sasha before the Role Exchanger put him in AV model Kasumi’s body and gave him uncanny hacking skills. Now she was the perfect spy: barefoot and deadly.


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