Bad Luck?

I was on my way home from work when I got into a car accident. I woke up in the hospital and the doctor came in to tell me what happened.

Mr. Johnson, you were in a bad accident. Fortunately, you suffered little damage to your body and are lucky to be alive but your foot was crushed so bad we had to amputate it. We will keep you here overnight to make sure you are stable but there is no reason you can’t go home right away tomorrow should you remain stable all night.

I went home the following day and became really depressed. I stopped taking care of myself. I posted on Facebook what had happened and all my friends commented how sorry they were but none came to visit. About a week later my ankle and calf were throbbing in pain. I went back to see the doctor.

Mr. Johnson, your stub became infected and if we don’t amputate the rest of your leg you will die.

I was scheduled for immediate surgery and while I was waiting I posted the new news on Facebook. When I woke up from surgery my ex-girlfriend was sitting next to my bed. I had been dating her for over 3 years but we lost the spark and had a mutual break up about 3 months ago.

Jack, I’m happy you made it through surgery. I just saw what happened to you on Facebook and came right away. I love you and if you want me back we will get through this together.

Just then the doctor enters the room.

Jack, your girlfriend doesn’t know that it won’t be that bad. Oh did I forget to tell you the good news? Well we’ve come a long way over the years and now in 2025 we are able to regrow or regenerate body parts. Scientists have unlocked the secrets in reptiles dna and have been able to apply it to human dna. Here is the # of a clinic that specializes in it.

Jill squeezes my hand and says “Thanks doc, I’ll make sure he goes.”

The very next day Jill takes me to the clinic. My new doctor is a young fellow who looks like he’s just out of college. He takes a sample of my tissue and has me go home. He says it will take a few days to modify the dna to make it regenerate itself. They call the modified sample Regenix.

Jill had to work so I went back into the clinic by myself. The doctor injects the regenix very close to the cut on my upper thigh explaining it works faster when injected near the part needing regeneration.

Over the next several weeks my leg actually regrew! It was amazing to watch. It’s been close to 30 days and my leg and foot appears to have stopped growing. The problem is it doesn’t look like my leg and foot. Plus, it didn’t grow as long as my other leg and the foot is smaller too. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear it looked like a girls.

I went in for my 30 day checkup and the doctor just said hmmm. Your leg should be fully grown by now. Give it one more week and then come back.

A week went by and I went back in. Nothing has changed with my leg but I have noticed other changes. My eyes have changed from green to brown in color. My lips have become more plump. My hair is growing really fast. My areola are larger and my nipples seem to stick out further too. Lastly, my pecs seem to have become more round in shape, almost looks like I have boobs. The doctor says interesting and takes a blood sample. He sends me home.

A few hours go by and then the doctor calls. Mr. Johnson, I don’t know how to tell you this but your Regenix got mixed up in the lab with one of our female patients. The way Regenix works is it replaces all the old cells with newly formed ones. Basically, your cells will all be replaced with copies of the female cells. Once the process starts there is no way to stop it. The only way to fix this is to wait until you have become her and then inject yourself with your Regenix.

When Jill got home I was crying. I told her the news but instead of being upset, she kissed me and said she would help me through this. The next few weeks my body continued changing. Every day my breasts grew larger, my male leg has shrunk as well as my foot. My hips widened, waist narrowed, and butt grew out. Jill shaved my legs and body. I even started wearing her clothes. It’s been 60 days and I’m completely a girl!

Today when Jill got home from work I was exploring my new body. She walked into the room and caught me with my hand in my panties. It felt so good I didn’t even stop. She took out her cell phone and took this picture to show me how hot I was.

That night Jill and I got all done up and went out clubbing. We picked up some guys and brought them back to our place. The 4 of us had an orgy and the sound of Jill and I moaning was turning me on even more. I had the most unbelievable orgasm! I never knew how great it felt for girls.

The following morning, I called the clinic. This is Jack Johnson and I want you to throw out my Regenix. I want to remain Jasmine Johnson for the rest of my life! I’ll be in to see my cute doctor soon 😉


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