Back to work

This long summer holiday had been fun, but Travis decided it was time to call it quits. He had to return to work starting on Monday morning. And while he regretted the idea of trading back this luscious form for his chubby ol’ body and his boring job, he did need to bring in a paycheck, and lounging on the couch in a pink nightie wasn’t going to do that.

“So, Chris,” Travis said, brushing the raven hair off his face and crossing his legs. His flatmate looked up from the book he was reading. “Chris, I want to thank you for a fantastic summer. Thanks to that magic orb you brought back from the antique store, we’ve both had a chance to have wild sex marathons with our childhood crushes: me with Katie and you with Autumn. I’ve learned a ton about women…and men too, I suppose. But as much as I enjoy being Autumn, I’m due back at the office tomorrow, and so are you, so could you use the orb to change me back?”

Chris cleared his throat. “Uh, yeah Trav, I’ve been trying to work up the courage to discuss that with you. You see, I actually tried to change you back last night while you were asleep, thinking that you’d be pleasantly surprised to wake up with a morning wood. But it didn’t work. I’ve been up since late last night reading this book on magic to find out why, and it appears that the magic won’t work if you’re, umm…pregnant.”

Travis sat up in shock. “P-p-pregnant?!” he exclaimed, putting his hand on his belly. “You can’t be serious! You mean that I…that when we….” His voice trailed off as saw Chris slowly nod and get down on one knee.

“I’m afraid so, Trav, and I’m so sorry,” Chris said sadly, producing a little engagement ring from his pocket. “We should’ve used protection, but we were young and foolish. Guess I’d better call you Autumn from now on, at least until the baby’s born and we can figure things out. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you, I promise. I’m sure that you’d do the same for me if I were stuck as Katie. Look, this ring was my mother’s, and I want you to have it now that you’re gonna be a mother…I mean, if you will have me as your man, Autumn.” He seemed on the verge of tears.

Travis took a deep breath, his heart pounding. Chris was a good man, a man of his word. If things had to go down this way, then Travis might as well embrace the full experience of womanhood as Autumn. She embraced her friend and cradled his head in her bosom. “Cheer up, sweetie,” Autumn said brightly. “Want some lunch? Or coffee, tea, or…me?”

(Golly, Chris loved her feminine smell.) “Oh, Autumn!” Chris said, gently pushing her flat on her back. “Back to ‘work’ first, lunch later,” he said as he started licking between her legs. Autumn squealed in delight.


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