Back to School

“Come on ‘Tina’, don’t act so shy!” Tom asked the cute blonde cheerleader to his right – only it was neither a cheerleader nor a blonde actually.
“Not a chance!” ‘she’ replied in a gruff male voice.
“Damn Dad, don’t be so a cunt tease! Even the real Tina wasn’t so cut off!”.

Next ‘she’ squirmed uncomfortably on ‘her’ chair!

“Son, alright… I’ll show you a good time later on when we’re back at home! This, or you can look for the real Tina inside the trash bin! Though it was really a shame to spit that bitchy chewing gum she is now into the bin, albeit a pleasurable one! And now, please let me chat with my boyfriend!” ‘Tina’ said and started to type away on the phone in front of her!


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