Avoiding fat camp

Misty slowly lay back her head on her old bed, she was still feeling a little bit woozy from using the Medallion of Zulo. Her headache wasn’t helped by the fact she’d just had a massive argument with her mother in her fat ten year old body. As she closed her eyes she breathed in deeply, it felt so much better not having so much weight on her belly and instead having in sit perfectly on her chest.

She placed the bottle of champagne between her two fleshly globes, she enjoyed the opposites of cold on her chest and wet warmth from her nether regions. She heard heavy foot steps in the corridor “I’m in here” she called in sultry voice. Misty’s step-father appealed in the doorway looking unhappy “has she gone?”. Misty smiled “I know you didn’t want to send her to fat camp but it is for her own good, hopefully she’ll come back a better person” or she won’t get her body back Misty added to herself.

Misty took her step-father by the hand and sat him down her old bed, she quick unzipped his pants freeing his hard on “I know you’ve become close to her in the past few years and you think she’ll love you less since you sent her to fat camp but I know it’s the opposite” Misty said licking the tip of her lovers dick “she loves you more than you know”.

Two months later, Misty’s mother returned with a thin body and a new respected for the difficult fat people face in getting thin. Unfortunately she soon found out that not only had Misty got rid of the Medallion but also gotten pregnant and fairly fat from all the junk food she had continued eating. Not that Misty’s mother mined as much any more she’d just got back twenty years of her life, but as it turned out her husband was a chubby chaser now her only wish was her parents would stop having sex all over the house, they even did it in her new bedroom, especially when she was at home.


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