Aunt Andrea

“Oh my god! Aunt Andrea has an awesome rack! I mean “I” have some wonderful boobies, hehehe”, 13 year old Chris muttered in his now high breath as he pulled up his tight blue-grey shirt to have a look on his breathtaking cleavage. “Wow, no wonder that Thomas choose to marry her. I bet she doesn’t only look stunning, she most probably ist a beast in bed with her sensuality”, he said in his new soprano. Chris could feel her consciousness in the back of his beautiful head. “Yes my dear, I want to take over your little luscious body for good. You were always mean to me, thought you were something better with that body god gave you. I think you don’t deserve a body like that and since I always wanted to be a hot young female adult, I took the chance to possess you after my body got killed in an accident. I can feel you struggling back there, but don’t mind, I won’t give this body up… ever”, Chris said to his new reflection in the nearest mirror. “Say goodbye to your life, I will take over from now on”, he explained smiling softly as he cupped his soft breasts and started to caress down his new toned stomach. He felt so comfortable in his new female body, so alive, so energetic, awesomely female. He thought it was time to call ‘herself’ Andrea now.
She couldn’t wait to go out, find some good looking man to test out the orgasms she could have as a woman. She hoped it would be better than the times, she jacked of home alone as a guy.
Without minding much, she threw away the remaining shirt, took of her engagement and wedding rings, threw them away too and heard them clinker in a dark corner. The new Andrea wouldn’t need them any more.
To find something sexy to wear, she walked to her drawer, her hips swinging sexily, and put on a stunning light blue satin dress which clinged to her curves. To finish her outfit, she put some bracelets on her dainty wrists, some shiny pearl earrings in her pierced ears and some white high heels on her frail feet.
“There we go, starting a new life sweety”, she whispered and blew herself a kiss into the mirror, winked at her adorable face and walked out the door to discover her new life…


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