At least you’re still a guy

“Stupid great shift! Why i had to end up like this? No more booze, no more chicks, everything i’ve enjoyed is gone! even my wiener is tiny” Brad whined from his 5 year’s old body. “You think you have it bad?” Stan came up to him in nothing but pantyhose showing his body in it’s full glory. “Dude cover youself up” Brad turned away from the view. “What? You don’t like it” Stan grinned. “I don’t feel like watching it right now” Brad said. “See, and i have to watch it every day. You at least have a second chance at life, you can start over unlike me who is stuck babysitting you since the government is forcing people to take over their new identities and i have to play the role of your mommy” Stan wasn’t looking forward to it but he had no choice. Brad sat there without saying anything. “Good, now get ready. I need to dress up and drive you to the kindergarten and i don’t want to be late at work.


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