Another smooth transition

Gary flatten out the last of the creases in the woman’s skin, and softly pinched his nipples. As he looked down he notice the locket around his neck, it must have stayed around the girls neck after he shot her with the costume gun. He opened it and saw the smiling faces of two proud parents looking back at him, Gary turned his head to look at the current faces of the two parents. The parents lay on the floor surrounded by their children and servants, everyone of them was a deflated pile of skin waiting for someone to wear them like a condom.

This was Gary’s favourite time, the time between the excitement and stress of skinning a household and his family turning up. Gary’s girly hands moved down to his moist pussy, maybe he would have time to knock one out before this family showed up. Just as Gary was slipping his second finger in to his pussy he heard the front door open and a load of arguing. He rolled his eyes as he stood he and watch his family enter the room. The Jefferson’s had been a very wealth family up until the past few month when they suddenly started spending their money like there was no tomorrow. They had also been a healthy family but seeing their lardy bodies it was hard to believe the only hint that the twenty people stood before Gary had once been thin was the women’s clothing, which were now a number of sizes to small for them, partly due to over eating but also pregnancy .

Gary waited as the Jefferson’s stripped off and picked out the skins on the floor, there was a bit of fighting but soon all the member of Gary’s family had a skin. Now came the tricky part, Gary watch as the people reached up to their necks and pulled their skin away, revealing Gary’s true family, the Moore’s. The Moore’s were even fatter than the skin’s they had been wearing, so much so Gary had to do his normal job of helping them get out. Gary handed out bottles of lube and helped squeeze, squash and shove his family members, especially his grandma who’d selected a ten year old boy, into their skins.

After an hour the Moore’s were gone now in was only the Taylor’s and their staff that stood in the room. “Now that uncomfortable stuff is out of the way, it’s time to party!” Gary’s dad shouted, the whole family charged in to the kitchen and down into the wine cellar except for Gary. Gary sat back down and started playing with his new pussy, he’d get rid of the Jefferson’s later for now he was going to relax, knowing he done another smooth transition. Even though his family didn’t appreciated him and hit him if he took the best skin, as he felt the locket moving around as he fingered his gushing hole, he knew that it was better to be in an abusive family than the condoms they wear.


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