“This app is amazing!” Owen Streamed at the top of his lungs.

Before the app, Owen was an over weight, friendless high-school nerd, who was never invited to any parties.

That all changed when he discovered the “Change” app on the app store. His parents where at some business meting in Cleveland so he thought he would give it a try.

When he opened the app and took a full-body selfie like directed he was given options to change his appearance. Owen thought this was all a joke, but he decided to play along. He made himself thin, tan and very buff. He chuckled a bit when he hit apply, not knowing the app was changing his appearance. He was stunned looking at himself in the mirror for at least a half an hour.

Once he came too, he worked on his body more and more until he ran out of idea’s. He then thought he should change genders. The option was on the app, and he always saw the girls at lunch having a lot of fun.
He made his dream girl and hit apply.

“This app is amazing!,” The new Olivia screamed.


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