Accidental desires

Tyler and Mark had both made the same choice. After finishing graduate school, they decided that instead of continuing to pursue a career in nanite research in a conventional setting like a government lab or a corporate basement, with all of their various rules and limitations, they’d both go somewhere with more possibility. They both decided to go work on The Island of Dr. Muerue. Dr. Muerue was one of the original pioneers of nanite research, and had used the money he’d made to buy an island for himself in the south pacific where he could conduct experiments with less scrutiny. People spoke in hushed rumors of the island, but few ever saw it.

Tyler and Mark both emailed Dr. Muerue and were told that if they could get to the island he’d find a use for them. And so they did. Compared to the stories, the island was actually kind of a let down. A small village of research staff and a big house for Dr. Muerue. Tyler and Mark were paired up, given shared housing and assigned to work on a project under Dr. Muerue himself!

Of course, when containment failed and Mark ended up turned into a blond hottie, they both immediately set about trying to reverse the changes. Mark was given some conservative girl clothes and the two of them were still stuck as roommates.

Mark realized quickly more than just his body had been changed. He found Tyler suddenly a lot more attractive, and actually found himself sometimes getting turned on just looking at him. He was too nervous to suggest anything, Tyler still looked at him and treated him like a guy after all. But maybe if he could get Tyler to suggest it…

Mark started buying clothes online. Getting them shipped in cost a fortune, but there was really no other way. Each outfit he got was skimpier and more revealing than the last.

One day Mark was at home after work, resting on the couch reading some books about nanite fundamentals when he saw Tyler standing there, staring down at him. Mark was wearing black stockings, a short plaid skirt, black panties and a black tank top. Tyler had a hungry look on his face and she immediately realized she’d caused it. She knew he could see her ass and her panties under her skirt. She felt her nipples get hard and her pussy get wet. The look on Tyler’s face said he thought of her as a woman now. She couldn’t wait for him to jump on the couch and prove that fact once and for all. Fuck turning back!


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