Absolute Control.

I stared at my assistant, as he… well she I guess, moaned in climax. The Formula was supposed to have given me control over people! Why then, did Winston suddenly change into the insane beauty before me?

Thats when it dawned on me. Control over people. Bodies and minds! But I had expected to be able to be able to control my power over others. The moaning woman in front of me was distracting me and making me more than a little horny. If only she were a little more buxom, I thought. and suddenly, she placed a hand on her forehead as her chest ballooned to nearly triple the size it was before!

“OooOOohhhh….” she moaned, “fuck me! please, I need it so bad!”

My mind was more than a little out of control at this point, but she was begging me for it, and I how could I deny her?


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