A Poor Wish

For years my friends had mocked my small chest. All of them were so well endowed, and here I was, stuck with A-cups at 25. Until one night, when I made a fateful wish on a shooting star…
“I wish that anything I put up to my bare chest, except my shirts, would be turned into titflesh…” I went to bed then, not feeling any different, and woke up the next day:
“I still don’t feel any different…” I said. Maybe I just have to test it out. After putting my pants on, I saw my soccer ball in the bottom of my closet.
“I wonder…” I said, picking it up and smashing it against my tiny boobs. Suddenly I felt a warm sensation spread through out my chest, and before I knew it the cold material of the ball in my hands had been replaced with the warmth of my tits!
“I have tits now!” I shouted before I looked down, a slight mix of horror on my face:
My tits didn’t just get the size of the soccer ball, they had gotten the color too! “What the heck? No, I wanted just normal old boobs!” I ran into the shower in an attempt to wash it off, but nothing. My tits now had the color pattern of a pair of soccer balls.
I sighed, and stepped out of the shower, wrapping my towel around me. Too late I felt the warmth rise again in my chest, and before I knew it I was naked again, and my tits had taken on a new color.
I lifted them, and looked down at my blue boobs. Panicking, I ran back into my bedroom, my new huge tits flopping everywhere as I did so. I shut my door hard, and flopped down onto my mattress. That was my next mistake…
I felt the warmth in my chest swell again…


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