A happy ending

When I visited Happy ending Massage parlor, I had no idea that I was going to be laying there, a gorgeous slim brunette covered in oil getting lowed by a 6 foot stud. I’m not an idiot, I know what a happy ending in a massage parlor means, but I figured I would get a handjob, maybe a blowjob. In hindsight I guess I should have been a little concerned when they had me fill out a bunch of legal forms, one of which said that this was an “irreversible life changing experience.”

I guess that’s on me, you know, signing something I didn’t read, but anyway, back to what happened. I was escorted into a very nice massage room by a young blonde and told to strip down and lay down. I obliged, thinking she was my masseuse, and after about a minute I felt two hands start working on my back. They felt a bit big, but as they spread oil all over my back, it felt wonderful and it seemed like I was melting into the bed. The oil spread all over my back, my ass, and down my legs. Reaching underneath me the masseuse covered my chest, abs, dick, every inch of my body turned into jello under the masseuse’s touch.

I became aware of some different sensations though, strange tingling was hitting me all over my body and my chest seemed to be pushing away from the bed a bit, and I felt the oddest sensation in my dick. I couldn’t bring myself to move though, and I felt myself getting very aroused, and my mind getting very cloudy. Between the tingling and the massage I had no concept of time, and eventually I was drunk with arousal and heard a voice which surprised me.

“Ok babe, turn over, time for your happy ending.” said a deep male voice. This surprised me but I complied, and found myself staring at a well built 6 foot guy with a dick that seemed to be aimed right at my pussy. I thought to myself “I’m a guy, I shouldn’t have a pussy, but I was so horny from the massage that all I cared about was sex, regardless of who my partner was. I just nodded in anticipation as he lined his dick up with my pussy, gliding it along my folds which caused me to shiver in pleasure. Finally he positioned himself at my entrance. There was a moment of pressure and then nothing but a starburst of pleasure as he penetrated me.

There really is no way to describe it, the sensations were far more intense than as a guy, and the slippery oil that coated me, along with my own wetness allowed him to glide in and out of me easily. All I could do was gasp in pleasure as he continued to saw in and out of me. I spread my legs to give him better access and I locked eyes with him, my mouth wide open with pleasure. Finally I could take it no more, and I felt wave after wave of pleasure wash over me as I orgasmed in my new body. This sent him over the edge as my pussy spasmed around his cock, and I felt his warm cum shoot deep into my pussy.

As he finished he said, “I hope you enjoyed.” and with that cleaned himself up and left, leaving me with my thoughts. I had wondered what sex was like for women, I wasn’t transgendered or anything but I was naturally curious about the other side, and I had just gotten my answer. It was fucking amazing.

Before that train of thought could run it’s course, the blonde who had led me in knocked and entered. “Well, you look like you enjoyed yourself. Get cleaned up and I’ll take you over to admin for some paperwork.”

“Paperwork?” I asked.

“Yeah, didn’t you read the contract? This was irreversible so we need to get you a new identity; license, birth certificate, social security number.”

It was only then that it hit me what she meant, I was going to be a girl forever, and strangely, I didn’t care. The amazing fuck I had just had was imprinted on my mind and all I could think about was how I wanted more. So now I go by Katie, I got hired on at the massage parlor as a masseuse for any (initially) female clients we have. They are a bit less common that male clients, but it is amazing to watch these women transform into men and then take their new dicks for a ride. No one seems to ever mind changing, especially with the way I can make the new men cum. That’s what we do here at Happy Ending Massage Parlor.


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