A growing problem

My head spun as I felt another ring of beads materialize around my neck. I reached up and felt my already huge tits swell further in my hand. Things were getting out of control. The witch who’d cursed me made the rules very clear. Every thirty minutes I went without a guy touching my tits, pussy, or ass meant I’d grow even bigger and another ring of beads would be added to this cursed necklace. If, however, that guy fucked me I’d be stuck in that body forever. If I could still walk back to her tomorrow the witch would turn me back.

I didn’t think it would be so bad at first. A little awkward flirting, a quick grab, and then I’m set for thirty minutes. What I didn’t count on was how INCREDIBLY sensitive this body is. The first guy who felt my tits had me moaning like a whore in minutes. My legs felt weak and I almost gave in right then and there and asked him to fuck me. I pulled myself together and ran off to hide in my hotel room. I’ve been here for hours trying to think of what to do. Touching myself to try and desensitize myself a little. It hasn’t worked. I’ve masturbated SO many times. And ever half hour my tits get a little bigger and I grow more feminine. I have to go out and try again before they get much bigger. It had only been a few hours! The bodice I found which had once been comically ample was now a few sizes too small. And I was going to have to sleep at some point in time! God that meant I had more than a dozen more growth spurts I wouldn’t be able to do anything about unless I literally slept on top of a man!

I had to go let a man touch me. I had to do my best to not let him fuck me. Sure masturbating had been great, but I didn’t want to be like this forever! But, god I got so horny when anything touched me! Maybe I should just go fuck a man before I end up so big I can’t walk!


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