A good boyfriend

John looked up at his friend Rick’s face with pleading eyes, begging him not to ejaculate. Both of them knew that if he came in John’s mouth the change would be permanent.

“Oh what stamina, what resistance. He will make a good boyfriend. Much better than you ever were to me, ” hissed John’s ex-girlfriend Carla into his ear. She looked up at Rick and smiled.

“You know you want to. She is hot and she sucks dick really well, don’t you think? Well, with a little help from me. Just give in and she will be all yours, obedient to a fault. My little spell took care of that, ” said Carla. “So cum already! Think of all the fun things you can do with her sexy little body.”

Rick struggled against his restraints, just as his friend John did below him. But it was futile. Carla had made sure they could not break free. He still didn’t know how John’s crazy ex had gotten the drop on them. He had just woken up restrained, forced to watch as his bound roommate slowly changed into the girl kneeling before him. Then Carla had forced John to begin giving him oral pleasure, warning that if Rick came the change would be permanent.

Rick felt his dick tremble. He knew he could not resist much longer. But he would try his best, despite how good it felt and how sexy John looked. And if worst came to worst, he would work hard to be a good boyfriend to his former roommate.


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