a friendly pick me up

Mark had been feeling pretty low for a long time. Dumped by his girlfriend six months ago, passed over for promotion at his job, rejected from graduate school, it had been a rough year.

Stan, Tom, and Kyle wanted to do something to cheer him up. It had been Kyle who suggested one of them take X-Change and turn into a chick. Tom was a regular X-Change user and so he seemed like the obvious choice. Tom wasn’t sure how comfortable he felt about screwing his friend, usually he just went for strangers, so he suggested an alternative plan. He’d get some sugar pills and some X-Change and they’d all take something. Stan and Kyle were nervous, they’d never done X-Change before, but they agreed. They all swore that whoever got turned into a girl would walk up to Mark naked only wearing frosting which had been written out to say “Happy B Day” and then go all the way with him.

On the day of Mark’s birthday they told him to put a blindfold on and wait for the surprise they had prepared for him. Mark did and they slipped off to the kitchen. Tom did his best to hide his smirk as he handed them each their tablet. He hadn’t gotten any sugar pills at all! They’d all be chicks!

They each morphed into chicks quickly, Tom assuming his normal, short curly haired brunette form. Kyle, who was tall and lean, grew a small set of breasts and long red hair. Stan, who was a bit over weight, seemed to slim down as the fat shifted to his tits and ass as he grew long straight brown hair.

Stan and Kyle were a little upset, and Tom had to shush them to keep their voices down to not ruin the surprise. He reminded what they’d all agreed to. Stan, who was busy fondling his own chest, and Kyle, who was playing with his hair, quickly came around. They each grabbed a tube of frosting and set about writing their message on their bodies. Giggling quietly they walked into the living room when Tom noticed Stan hadn’t spelled “Happy” correctly. Tom quietly commented that she couldn’t see past her boobs.

They posed in front of Mark and waited for a second then all at once they said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” and Mark removed his blindfold and for the first time in six months, smiled. They all knew it was going to be a fun night.


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