A bit of luck

Miss Smith couldn’t help but enjoy the view of Steve struggling to fit his large ass back into his tight jeans. Steve clearly knew he looked sexy doing it but he couldn’t stop it, that’s just was the way this body worked now. Miss Smith pulled the used condom off of her dick and threw it in the bin, she walked over the mirror and selected a few notes out of her wallet. She smiled to herself as she watch her form body struggle to put on a bra.

After a minute the form teenager was dressed, he stepped forward to take the money but Miss Smith pulled the cash out of his reach. “A tip from an old timer to a newbie” Miss Smith said in a light hearted tone “you’re too expensive, for a young tight body the price is fine but I hate to break it to you love but, that body is on its last legs”. Miss Smith handed the money over and grabbed a handful of Steve’s ass, “time for you to go, mom and dad will be back soon and I can’t have them finding an old whore like you hang around”.

After Steve left, Miss Smith climbed into the shower and start washing her body, after a month she still could not believe her luck. She was so luckily that when the Fantasy Orgasm Swapping Event hit the world, she’d swapped with Steve who had been jacking himself off to pictures of the town whore, and not one of the six good for nothing men she’d been having a gangbang with at the time. From what Steve told her it had been a really shock for six women who had one moment been going about their daily life’s to being stuck in a bunch of perverted men’s bodies. Miss Smith just guessed that the universe owed her a bit of luck after the life she’d had and now Steve had.


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