Caught Up in the Act

The Great Shift, what a weird phenomenon. Strange things happened, sometimes to strange people, like Jeff here on the right. He blacked out when the Great Shift hit his town, when he became aware once again, he got caught up in an act. A whorish act… as a whore!

He was put into the huge boob body of Jessica Wilcox just as she was lunged for cock on her latest client! He surely felt different, with all that long hair, those super heavy dangling boobs, wet new pussy, and the soft petite curvy body in general; however, he was caught up in that moment of lust and desire of this whore, and actually felt what it was like to have a whore’s urges and want cock!

Jeff had never had a gay thought in his life as a man, but as it goes apparently he wasn’t even having a gay thought as a woman either, as the act he was caught up in was straight for a female that is! It was astonishing for him though, suddenly having this ultra curvy female body, and also be craving a man and going after him. It was a lot to take in, and so was that dick as he would soon find out. Very strange it was indeed, as he was always into chicks, but it seems his poles were reversed in this body!

He didn’t know if the boobs were real or implants, but in some peculiar way, he thought they actually felt quite good dangling from his chest like they were! His wet pussy he had no clue about either, but realized it wasn’t so bad either, in fact it felt turned on, wet and ready for a man! He even realized he felt more limber than ever before, but at that same time smaller, and much less strength.

All in all it was a trade-off, but he felt better in this sex moment than he ever felt as a man his entire life. This whore’s desires were off the chart, and perhaps that was the main reason, but if this was what it was like for her, then he was definitely not complaining!

He sucked that cock with pride, caught up in heat, then took his client in his new opening until he approached the orgasm. Once he did, she pulled away, allowing him to shoot a load he couldn’t hold back, all over his face, and breasts! At that time, he shuddered in multiple female orgasms, and he felt them throughout his entire body!

As he calmed down, the man laid the money on the table feeling guilty, got dressed almost too fast, nearly tripping, and ran out the door, slamming it. Reality set in, as the jizz covered Jeff, now Ms. Wilcox, sat with her soft legs under her soft large round ass, contemplating what to do next. He got up off the bed, taken by the tremendous change in center of gravity for him, nearly stumbling. His boobs were absolutely heavy standing up, and they swayed a lot too! He went for a mirror, tits still swaying and bouncing, and seen his new entire self for the first time.

He was a sexy sultry woman, with a tremendous rack on her. His hips were super wide, like he could bear quadruplets or something easily! His ass, very huge and soft, like he had installed pillows in the back! The hair while super long and a little messy from the sex, felt absolutely silky and soft around his face. His hair was luxurious compared the his male hair. He noticed how small his hands and feet were, and how long his new fingernails were too, like cat claws.

He realized he needed to find some clothes soon, and found a satin black bra, satin black panties, shiny silky jet black pantyhose, a tight black shiny mini dress, four inch shiny pumps, and a few black bangle bracelets. She must have been all decked out in black, and he thought that made sense as she was a lady of the night.

After getting dressed, he checked the news on the TV in the room, and found out the Great Shift did in fact hit, something he thought might have happened, but it only affected a handful of people in his town. That would explain why the hotel didn’t sound like it was in chaos outside the room, and why the client guy was fine.

Somehow, Jeff thought he could adapt, and he even liked a lot of what he now had, but the nagging desire for men and cocks was starting to overwhelm him. This woman was super sex craving, which explained her profession. On thing for sure, he thought he had the perfect body, but he would dye his hair blonde. He always like busty blondes, and now he, well she could be one!


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